weha PIG - 3 head grinding machine with control cabinet

The "PIG" has been specially designed for use on natural stone slabs and allows grinding, brushing and polishing. The machine is equipped with a contrarotating planetary head that allows a clean, even and scratch-free finish on all materials. The integrated handle extension helps to use it as a floor sander.

- 300 to 940 rpm
- 3 spindle holders M14
- suitable for abrasive diameters: 100/130/150 mm, in order to achieve the largest possible grinding surface, it is recommended to use 150 mm pads

€3,620.00 (Piece)
excl. VAT
Art.-Nr. 149523
Soon available
Available from Calendar week: 13

Technical data

Weight kg 30
Voltage 230
kW 0.75

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