Campaign - "Stein macht stolz"

Supporting the "Stein macht stolz" campaign

June, 2023
Image campaign for the stonemasonry and stone carving trade

The "Stone makes you proud" campaign promotes the stonemasonry trade with snappy slogans and emotional photos. The initiator is bbw, the vocational training center for stonemasons and sculptors. With slogans such as "Fancy a trade? Then get stuck in" or "Working with stone is awesome", young people and their parents are encouraged with T-shirts, posters and via social media to find out about the benefits and opportunities of training as a stonemason or stone sculptor.

The aim of the campaign, launched in 2022, is to present apprenticeships, which have previously been perceived as outdated by the public, as modern, unconventional and cool. The skilled trades are presented in a relaxed and casual way, with wit and a self-confident side-swipe at conventional career paths such as A-levels and university studies. According to bbw surveys, the campaign has been well received, both by the companies promoting the campaign and by the target group.

For weha Managing Director Robert Beck, the bbw campaign is very successful: "The 'Stein macht Stolz' campaign is a great example of how such an important issue as the shortage of skilled workers and trainees in the industry can be tackled in a creative and effective way." For Robert Beck, this proves how you can get people excited about working in the natural stone industry and at the same time promote pride and appreciation for the trade. weha Managing Director Richard Hering also emphasizes the importance of the campaign for the entire stonemasonry trade: "Targeted advertising in modern media and a strong presence in social networks can achieve a wide reach in order to reach a large number of people. We at weha are also proud to be a long-standing partner of this industry and are happy to help bring this campaign to the fore."

This commitment gives the motto "weha | successful together" even more weight in the stone industry.

Further information can be found on the official homepage